Glass bottles for Decanters

The glass decanters by Vetroelite are wide-based, often bowl-shaped vessels suitable for holding a wide variety of beverages: from the most common spirits to typical local products such as bitters, grappa and liqueurs in general. Thanks to the variety of different shapes and necks available, decanters may also be used to present fruit preserved in alcohol and spirit. Decanters are also a popular choice for home fragrances since they are highly decorative in their more impacting shapes.

A versatile packaging

The decanter is one of the most versatile types of packaging used to market and preserve beverages and products of various types. Apart from the unquestionably high quality of glass as a raw material, the capacity of Vetroelite to offer a constant flow of new models in different sizes, with the further possibility of customization, greatly facilitates our customers’ search for the right packaging, whatever their requirement.

Many successful models

We offer glass decanters in a capacity range from 200 ml to 1000 ml for beverages, but some models are also required for different purposes: for instance the Pamela, Sofia and Ramona lines which, thanks to their high aesthetic and design content, are ideal for home fragrances.