Glass bottles for Liqueurs and Spirits

Our range of bottles for liqueurs and spirits presents models which effectively combine tradition with innovation, clas-sical styling with design. Bottles that are tall and sinuous, striking and refined, classical lines or more creative mod-els… you can pick out the glass bottle of your choice for the optimal preservation of liqueurs and spirits, such as grappa, cognac, cider, rum, whisky, gin, vodka, aquavit, etc. They are all available in numerous capacities and neck types. If personalization is what you seek, it is possible to produce a bottle with your own company logo.

Advice on the preservation of spirits in glass bottles

A spirit - or aquavit – is obtained by distilling a sweet fermented liquid. It is normally packaged in clear or light coloured glass bottles, bearing in mind that these alcoholic beverages should not be exposed at length to light or certain temperatures.

Bottle models for connoisseurs and enthusiasts

When selecting the most suitable bottle for your purpose, you may choose a design you like that also meets the requirements of your target market. More traditional models may be reshaped in their proportions and weights, to inspire a new design and extend our existing range of original Vetroelite models.