Glass bottles for Liqueurs and Spirits

Vetroelite offers a vast range of bottles for liquors and spirits that knowingly merge tradition and innovation, classic style and design. The combination between aesthetic and functionality and the continuous search for avant-garde solutions meet multiple market needs.
 Tall and curvy, important and refined bottles with classic lines or more creative can choose your preferred glass bottle for liquors to best preserve your spirits such as grappa, brandy, cider, rum, whisky, gin, vodka, liquor, etc.

All the glass bottles are available in numerous sizes and mouth openings, in white and antique green, to preserve the excellence and enhance the odours and flavours of top quality liquors and spirits.

Glass bottles for liquors and spirits: customisation and models

The glass wine bottles for liquors and spirits can also be customised on request, reproducing your embossed brand or inserting various decorations chosen by you: add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your products! The online catalogue presents glass bottles with classic and traditional shapes, that never go out of fashion, but also more creative and original lines, for a spirit with an alternative character.

The Renana Gran Dame bottle is noteworthy, available in oval, square, round and triangular versions and in different sizes, namely 40ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml; the renowned Vecchia Farmacia, available light and dark and also in different variants and sizes; there is also the modern Pamela, a model with a unique, sought-after style, specifically designed to contain quality spirits and liquors; lastly, we want to mention the Distillati model, a bottle with a curvy, elegant shape, available in 200ml, 500ml and 700ml capacities. Excellence design and shapes ahead of their time, combined with a high level of innovation and use of the finest quality glass, make Vetroelite liquor bottles the ideal solution also for the most demanding customers.

Consult our online catalogue to choose the glass bottle for liquors and spirits most suitable to bring the uniqueness of your product to the fore; send us your requests and one of our sales staff will contact you to provide you with a personalised quote.

Recommendations for the preservation of spirits in glass bottles

Spirits are obtained by distilling a fermented sugary liquid. It should be preserved in mainly light glass bottles, remembering that these alcoholic beverages should not be exposed for long periods of time to sources of heat and light: oxidation caused by light can irreversibly damage some liquors, altering their odour and taste.

Glass bottles for connoisseurs and enthusiasts

Selecting the right bottle means choosing a design in line with your taste, while at the same time meeting your reference market needs. The most classic models can be revised in proportions and weights, to inspire a new design and enrich the range of original Vetroelite models.