Glass packaging for food

A wide range of glass jars for foodstuffs in the most varied and articulated shapes.

A multitude of shapes and forms, round and square combined, oval and multi-faceted, in all possible glass weights and profiles. Moreover, we also offer a range of the most attractive bottles for maple syrup.

From design bottles to honey and marmalade jars, to the exclusive jars for gourmet food, the Vetroelite range enhances the quality of your products. The food packaging industry is constantly evolving and must satisfy several needs: enhance the quality of its content through its shape, protect its organoleptic properties and facilitate the packaging process.

The Vetroelite range of jars for food meets these needs thanks to an approach we call Full Pack, including glass containers, graphic design, decorations and lids. Having discovered the added value and the more delicate sides of your product, we can design the perfect glass packaging, playing with a balanced set of shapes, colours and textures.

A shape resembling a beehive is perfect for a jar of honey; high impact motifs and textures in jars for sweet cream; or customised and researched lids for a preserve’s jar. Our creative team has an endless imagination. They are expert connoisseurs of the world of glass and food industry and their respective peculiarities.

Glass jars for food: shapes and models

The MING line is a jar with a wide opening, ideal for creamy products. GOURMET with its intricate play of geometries and shapes is suitable for every kind of delicacy. Among the most sold glass jars for food, ZEN and ITALIA lines have wide varieties and shapes. You can preserve from 100 to 750 grams of product (40 - 720 cc) with a freshness-saving lid closure.

There are plenty of more innovative models too, like the CASTIGLIONE jar. Tall, slender and majestic, it’s the perfect glass packaging for precious spices. MOULIN 2 is an ergonomic jar specifically designed for the food industry.

We also have an excellent line designed specifically for oil, vinegar and maple syrup.

Glass jars for food: exclusive design

Are you looking for food packaging to be sure your product stands out, being recognisable and unforgettable? Find out what we can do for you with our packaging design service and check out some of our creations. In Vetroelite what is beautiful is good and what is good will be beautiful!