Desi Daru

Desi Daru is a brand that combines the flavours of the distilling traditions of India and the United Kingdom. A story of roots where East and West meet to create premiun spirits with the highest quality ingredients.

What inspired you when you imagined your bottle?

The design aims to capture the meeting of two cultures, Britain and India. This is the ethos behind the Desi Daru brand.

The base profile of the bottle takes inspiration from the iconic domes of Indian temples, creating a shape that feels special in the hand and is bold and striking from the front. The neck of the bottle is an intentional move away from the common long and narrow style of many vodka’s, to instead create an elegant curve right up the cap.

What makes your Spirit unique?

Desi Daru combines the flavours of India and British distilling, to create multi award winning spirits.

How has the packaging helped in telling the product story and its distinctiveness?

The packaging has many touchpoints which tell the story of the brand, the bottle is striking to both look at and hold. The distinctive shape is a talking point and all the elements together create a very premium looking product.

Can you describe, with just one word, the work experience with VETROelite?

From a designers perspective: ‘Fantastico!’