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The culture of glass that makes the difference.

Inspiration glass bottles Vetroelite

A story of intuition.

Vetroelite is today the result of intuition, but even more so it is a story of small and great achievements. It is a company that has been researching innovative approaches in the world of glass packaging since 1994, charting new creative and productive paths. A path balanced between reality and creativity, conformism and differentiation. A path that leads us to an extraordinary result: a product that always stands out, expressing its uniqueness. Its authenticity.

Beyond the product.

We work assiduously to be the ideal partner for those who are looking for something unique, distinctive, created in detail. We don't want to stop at forging the material, but want it to be able to express itself in the most creative world possible. We are people who see 'beyond' the habits of an industry and traditional aesthetic canons. Because it is only by going beyond the boundaries of the known that we can reclaim our true essence.
Our great passion for glass and the experience we have gained over the years allow us to offer the market 360° packaging solutions: from the bottle to decoration. A dedicated proposal built on the specific needs of different product sectors: Spirits, Perfume, Food & Wine.
design projects glass bottles Vetroelite
design projects glass bottles Vetroelite

Serving the customer.

A broad, deep and transversal offer. Quality, sophisticated, innovative and design products created by intercepting trends and interpreting them in our own way. A proposal that is completed with a collection of caps, designed for different markets and the decoration service that we now offer with different techniques and facets. Elements that complete the product, enrich it and make it unique: a full emanation of creative thinking.
We customise your product.
Each of our packaging is created with a precise objective: to preserve and enhance the content. The Tailor Made service offers the possibility of having a product with an unprecedented, exclusive design, specially designed for the customer.
Tailor Made
mermaid gin spirits vetroelite detail customisation