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The Company’s business is centred around an effective internal control system that enables it to operate in a way that is sound and in line with corporate objectives, through a suitable process of identification, monitoring and management of the main risks.

We consider it important to share the path the company has taken, to show how we intend to carry our business forward while continuing to invest in the growth of a culture of compliance within the corporate organisation. Vetroelite has always been committed to operating in full respect of the values of integrity and transparency, which form the essence of our company's culture and that everyone should know and respect.

By applying the principles contained in the Organisational Model established by Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and in the Code of Ethics, we not only act in the interest of Vetroelite, but in line with our Mission. Available for your reference, the Organisational Model and the Code of Ethics have been designed to inspire and guide the behaviour of Vetroelite’s personnel and all our stakeholders.


Vetroelite has a system for handling reports - even anonymous ones, as long as they are adequately substantiated - regarding unlawful or illegal conduct .

Reports may be made in written or oral form through the methods described in the General Part of the Company's Organization and Management Model and aimed at ensuring confidentiality regarding the identity of the reporter. Reports will be handled by the Company's Supervisory Board.

Bona fide whistleblowers are protected from any form of discrimination, retaliation or penalization, and the proper fulfillment of the duty to report may not result in the initiation of disciplinary proceedings or the application of related sanctions. The adoption of the mentioned system does not preclude, in any case, the reporting of any violations of laws or government regulations to the competent authority.

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