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Glass is green.

In our work we take our example from the trees: we change the leaves, but keep the roots. Ideas are always evolving, but the principles remain firm. Choosing glass for us means choosing a material that is elegant by nature and infinitely recyclable. We are inspired by nature and distil form and beauty from it, we protect it by rethinking production processes and making sustainability one of the founding principles of design.
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Sustainability is a process.

Rethinking production logic has meant for us broadening our horizon and understanding sustainability as a process that never ends. A thought that guides our strategy in all operational phases, a philosophy that accompanies us in the choice of design, of materials, of their combination. A way of doing business that guides and promotes change, that protects the rights of all those involved. The will to meet the needs of the present generation, to continue producing, without compromising the possibilities of future generations.

PCR: long live glass.

Post-consumer recycled materials are a key element in creating more sustainable packaging. Glass, being recyclable and infinitely reusable, has an extraordinary long life cycle and a better yield than other materials. We are constantly working to expand the range of articles with a good percentage of recycled glass, from production waste and PCR, without losing brilliance and transparency. Always respecting the Vetroelite aesthetic.


We also pay attention to the environment when developing the design of a new product. The lines, the thicknesses, the weight, are all elements of eco-friendly thinking. Some of our most iconic products have been declined in the ECO version: lighter, with less glass at the bottom, but still with a refined, high-end allure. Imagining a second life for an object is a creative, yet very concrete way to make a glass bottle truly 'infinite'. is creativity expressed. is maximum freedom of use. is giving new use to an object.

REUSE is creativity expressed.
RECYCLE is maximum freedom of use.
REVIVE is giving new use to an object.

Our gift to the Earth.

To give back to the Earth a small part of what it gives us every day, we created our forest in partnership with Treedom. An international platform for planting trees around the world, Treedom accompanied us on this journey: we chose to plant 650 trees in 7 countries around the world, absorbing from the atmosphere an amount of CO2 that would be enough to fill as many as 843 trucks: 162,000 kg. Awareness and sustainability, but even more so, our concrete commitment to building a bigger, greener future.

Our way of making a difference, even in the small things.
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