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Quality Policy

The Company's business involves meticulous and effective Quality control that allows the company to maintain an adequate production and control process in order to guarantee a certain quality standard over time.

It is important for us to share the path undertaken by the Company, also with reference to the Quality Policy, to show you how we intend to carry out the business activity, continuing to invest in order to guarantee continuous improvement of our performance.

In the Quality Policy document, you will find an indication and description of the various actions and strategies shared and undertaken by the company management.
More precisely, this document is the reference for defining the company's objectives with regard to quality.
Drafted and approved initially by the company management alone, it is made available to all employees in order to make the objectives and commitments undertaken a common objective for all teams.

The most relevant aspects of Vetroelite's work, which we wish to emphasise, are
• the commitment to adhere to quality requirements
• the commitment to continuous improvement

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