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Rosé wine is the undisputed protagonist of a trend that is experiencing a surge in consumption all over the world. Its unmistakable colour palette suggests, at first glance, the experience of the unmistakable fresh scent of fruit and flowers. Florence enriches with refined simplicity our bottle range dedicated to rosé wine. Its harmonious profile, the fluid and linear design, suggests the aromatic complexity that characterises this type of wine. It is a bottle with a pronounced picure, designed to be enhanced by the typical soft pink colour. It has an elegance that captures, thanks to the small minimalistic details that enhance the stylised shape. Exhilarating as the feeling of the first sun on the skin, after a long winter.
Technical details
Bottle: Florence 750 cc
Cap: Elitecap One Beige
- labels on two superimposed layers
- two-colour screen printing on the front