The minimalism of the cylindrical shape, with the thick glass at the bottom, makes Riva a white sheet with infinite creative possibilities. In this artisanal gin, produced in small batches using the London Dry method and matured in oak barrels, the aromas of the botanicals are expressed by the purity of the lines and decoration. The iconic rounded picure, like a small precious casket, reveals the product contained inside the bottle. The ceramic serigraphy, as well as guaranteeing excellent durability, through its glossy and matt finishes, creates a play on contrasts. The 360° relief decoration draws a texture with a tactile component that customises the packaging in a unique way.
Technical details
Bottle: Riva 700 cc
Cap: Elitecap One black
- 3-colour glossy and matt ceramic screen printing
- 360° embossing inkjet