the first neuromarketing case study of gin design.

In today's crowded, competitive and challenging market, packaging is not only an element of differentiation in consumer choice, but is in effect a multi-sensory experience. Seeing the container as an element of primary interaction between consumer and product, we immediately understand its importance in attracting attention and conveying messages.

Ginnasium is a special project that builds on this great starting point and, by bringing together the best players in the world of packaging, now offers the first neuromarketing study of gin design, demonstrating how shapes and details influence the final choice of consumers. 

5 designers, 7 partners, 1 studio that will revolutionise the way we look at and understand the container.

Designing an alcohol bottle is a skill that requires the ability to carefully dose and mix the 'ingredients' available to the designer, in order to create a result that is unique, engaging, and at the same time capable of expressing the communicative concept.

With Ginnasium, we have given voice to 10 gin designs, all created on VETROelite bottles, which tell fragments of stories and cultures of some of the most fascinating regions of southern Italy. 10 premium packages in which details, textures and refinements are key elements in enhancing materials and creating a unique consumer experience.
After the creation of the projects, through the collection of empirical data and the use of advanced technologies, consumer preferences and behaviour were explored in order to understand how packaging captures attention and how its elements, both individually and as a whole, emotionally convey the identity and story of a product to the consumer.

The result is incredible, never predictable. The collaboration between so many partners and designers is proof that combining excellence creates beauty and innovation.
In collaboration with
Apparently just a container, in detail the synergetic collaboration of many unique actors. Many players in the packaging system took part in the Ginnasium project, allowing the designers to customise our bottles even more.

VINOLOK: a company specialising in glass closures, has created the right match between cap and bottle.

UPM RAFLATAC: an international manufacturer of self-adhesive paper and film labelling materials, which, by offering different types of paper, enriched the narrative of the concepts.

SOVEMEC: a leading company in the adhesive and capsule printing sector, which gave materiality to the creative ideas of designers.

LUXORO: a leader in packaging refinement solutions, giving preciousness to label details, elevating products to works of art.

T&K: a company specialising in supplying consumables for the press room, contributed inks and varnishes to the project, offering its advice on making the best use of them.

SENSECATCH: a research and consultancy company specialising in applying neuroscience and behavioural psychology to marketing and consumer experience measurement, finally made the study possible.

Abruzzo told by Marco d'Aroma with the Manila bottle.
Manila was interpreted by Marco d'Aroma, a designer from Abruzzo, known for his designs that awaken consumers' interest, seducing them by conveying emotion and brand values.

Ex-Voto. God save the gin.
The concept, straddling the sacred and the profane, led the designer to associate the figure of the ex-voto with a heart and the seven swords, an expression of religiosity and popular culture, with English punk imagery. An unprecedented artistic declination that narrates the relationship between Abruzzo and its product type, London Dry Gin.

The Wolf and the Moon. Story of a possible love.
A short love story between a wolf, an iconic animal of the Abruzzo region, and his beloved moon. A packaging to be discovered in which superimpositions and plays of light draw the consumer into a journey of discovery.

Roman history and culture shine in the Antica Farmacia bottle thanks to Più Blu Consulting & Solutions.
The Antica Farmacia bottle, a must-have in our catalogue, experiences a new identity of value thanks to the insights and enthusiasm of Silvia Cacace and Gianluca Bartolazzi.

The mosaics of the Foro Italico.
The graphic design of this gin was inspired by the mosaics inside the foro italico sports complex, a creative exercise and rediscovery of Roman culture that finds expression in a modern product such as this distillate.

The fossils of the Sea Mount.
Here, the designers projected themselves onto the slopes of Monte Mario, 'the mountain of the sea', where the presence of marine fossils of two millions of years ago caught their attention, becoming the main narrative element in this almost primordial packaging.

BasileADV condenses the eternal charm of Campania into the square details of the Capri bottle.

For Andrea Basile and Giuseppe Salerno, Campania is an interweaving of stories and flavours, as rich and ornate as its Baroque churches, as fascinating and lively as the alleys of Naples, as bright as its sea. All this is condensed in their signature designs.

The Miter of San Gennaro.
The Mitra of San Gennaro, symbol of Campania, finds a new and authentic declination. The baroque style, gold details and sophisticated lettering combine to create a unique packaging between sacredness and spirituality.

The Partenope mermaid.
The protagonists of this design are the siren Partenope, legendary founder of Naples, and the colour blue, symbol of the city. A tribute to Gio Ponti, the architect and designer who designed several buildings in Naples and on the coast, to his ceramics and to Blu Ponti.

Idem Design, with the Evan bottle, pays homage to Apulia, through shapes and colours that tell its essence.
Flavio Sisto and his team celebrated this unique land by allowing themselves to be inspired and condensing its enchanting scenery, wilderness, history and traditions into a meticulous storytelling job.

Apulian lace.
The typical weave of lace is here revisited with a more minimalist approach; the floral texture composed of small circular holes envelops the bottle, creating a play of materiality between the natural texture of the paper and the shine of the glass that shines through. A modern homage to the folk tradition and textile art of Puglia.

Puglia between land and sea.
The two characteristic elements of this unforgettable land are told by a design in which the sinuous patterns of the sand dunes meet the foaming waves of the sea. The colours used then emphasise what is being told: aquamarine blue on the one hand and sandy white on the other.


AD Positive with the Oasis bottle interprets Sicily, an extreme borderland, from which one flees or to which one takes refuge.
Leonardo Recalcati, following his less is better philosophy, shows in his interpretation of gin design the beauty of this island, enclosed in its history, traditions, people and art.

The reverberation of history.
The distant past, the cultural roots of Sicily and the influence of the Greeks come alive in this iconic packaging. Transparency reveals an athlete from antiquity who is a testimony to yesterday and a connection to today.

Eternal instant.
Here, too, fragments of history are the real protagonists. The sun's rays illuminate a colonnade from which we glimpse athletes running. The light sparkles on their bodies anointed with perfumed essences and colours them in a kaleidoscope of unreal reflections.