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  4. 23 January 2023

Chromie - a colorful project by VETROelite

Color is research, semantics, communication. It is perception, association, interaction. Every shade, every nuance conceals a feeling: a powerful message delivered with absolute simplicity. In packaging design, the choice of color is a gesture of great creativity. A way of outlining and communicating, with immediacy, the true identity of a product. The detail of a shade, the elegance of a contrast, the expressive delicacy of harmony, are elements capable of immediately catching our eye. A transparent or opaque finish, glossy or matt, seduces our perception by imprinting visual and tactile memories in our minds.

Chromie is a journey of inspiration, through nature and its elements, to discover a new world. Shades developed by VETROelite to paint glass packaging with uniqueness. A world of colors, to be explored chapter by chapter.

We reveal the first: RADICI. Where everything begins, to which everything returns.

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