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  4. 19 January 2024

Glassland becomes TricorBraun company, with VETROelite.

Designer glass packaging, quality products, a truly all-round service.
This is the operational mantra of the two companies, which today join forces to strengthen their presence and strategy in the German market with planning and innovation.

Customer service ascertains widespread needs in the territory, coupled with a proactive approach to intercept needs by proposing articles that anticipate future trends. Meticulous research and support work finds full expression in this acquisition.
By joining Glassland, VETROelite will not only strengthen its presence in Germany, but will also remain true to its corporate mission: to offer a unique product and service. In addition, with the support of TricorBraun, the company will continue to grow in the sectors where it already operates, particularly spirits, and will approach new market segments, such as beer.