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  4. 13 December 2023

Lucie at the Pentawards 2023: Bronze Award for Advision's 'Lume' project.

Conceived by Advision, a Verona-based communication agency, 'Lume - Spirito degli Abissi' is a project that tells the story of packaging as an integral part of the brand experience: for the creation of this innovative design, Advision chose to use our Lucie bottle.

Once illuminated by the torch of a smartphone, the packaging reveals, through unexplored details, the mystery of an underwater world. An interplay of light and transparency that stimulates the consumer to look at things from a different perspective, inviting them to discover the product for themselves.

Awarded the Bronze Award at the Pentawards 2023 in the Self-Promotion category, 'Lume' is the result of extensive creative research involving different printing techniques and primary and secondary packaging elements.

Discover the Lucie bottle.