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  4. 06 June 2024

Packaging and colour: we unveil Riflessi Collection.

Chromie is a journey of inspiration, through nature and its elements.
It is discovery, intuition, selection. It is our way of elevating colour from an additional element to a critical element of success in the construction of the container.
Subtle research work to give you all the tools to create packaging that stands out, that you remember, that becomes the focus of product storytelling.
In this palette we wanted to give space to light, capturing its elegant iridescence.
We studied the recipes for 10 colours, real nuanced gleams that harmoniously unite container and content.

Winter, Borealis, Spring, Summer, Sunrise, Sunset, Autumn, Shadow, Stardust and Twilight are a kaleidoscopic journey, a new perspective of beauty and creativity. 
Their transparency makes them unique: they are colours that emphasise, that conceal, that reveal.

Discover Riflessi Collection, click here.