Magnum glass bottles

As their name suggests, magnum glass bottles are large bottles dedicated to special products that should be displayed, appreciated and highlighted. Thanks to their size between 2 and 5 l and their elegant shapes, they ensure your products stand out on a shelf.

Magnum bottles are suitable for preserving various types of products: wine, oil or vinegar, spirits, home fragrances, and every other delicacy. Given their considerable sizes, magnum bottles are also used as fascinating furnishing accessories. If they contain spirits, they are displayed in bars or restaurants; if used as home fragrances, they can decorate and embellish spas, wellness centres, hotels receptions, etc.

Choose the magnum bottle you like the most for excellent preservation and stand-out presentation of your products: spirits, liquors, oil, perfumes or essential oils.

Magnum bottles – Shapes and models

The Vetroelite online catalogue offers magnum bottles in various shapes and models: for a classic touch, choose the Vecchia Farmacia model; if you want a bottle with more creative and original lines, the Pamela may be the right choice; the Kaori and Kimono models are particularly appreciated magnum bottles for the creation of home fragrance kits, which become real and proper furnishing accessories by granting elegance and style to a space.

Check our online catalogue to choose your favourite magnum glass bottle and give a unique appeal to your product. Send us your request: our sales staff will contact you with a customised quotation.