Mignon glass bottles

This segment is dedicated to small sizes because the smaller the glass bottle, the more precious its content.

As their name suggests, mignon glass bottles are small in size, used to enhance balsamic vinegar, precious perfumes or essential oils, luxury spirits, and other delicacies. All the Mignon glass bottles are characterised by a classic and at the same time innovative design for luxury packaging, capable of adding uniqueness to the product contained within.

Choose the mignon bottle you like the most for excellent preservation and a polished presentation of your products: spirits, liquors, oil or vinegar, perfumes or oils.

Mignon bottles - shapes and models

The Vetroelite catalogue offers mignon bottles in various shapes: the 40ml, traditional Renana Gran Dame for fine spirits requiring sophisticated packaging that preserves the quality of the product and enhances fragrances. Or the Italia model whose shape - recalling the Country's personality - makes it ideal to preserve typical liquors and spirits, linked to the place’s traditions.

Discover the new Bouilotte and Cory models for a modern and innovative design. They are ideal for containing small quantities of high quality products.

Check our online catalogue to choose your favourite mignon glass bottle and give a unique appeal to your product. Send us your request: our sales staff will contact you with a customised quotation.

Mignon bottles – fun facts

The idea of putting a product in small bottles began after the First World War in France with the producers of Cognac, who decided to bottle their products in small sizes to offer as tastings to their customers.

As time went by, this practice became a trend and by now the whole world has manufacturers of liquors, spirits, and even oil, vinegar, perfumes and essential oils using these miniature containers to preserve their products, giving the public small pearls of pleasure in organoleptic and aesthetic.

Nowadays, Mignon bottles are often collected by enthusiasts and lovers of precious liquors and spirits.