My Aqua Bottle

My Aqua Bottle is a project by Waters from the World. We asked the creatives who developed this glass packaging dedicated to the city of Venice a few questions.

What inspirations guided the creativity of your bottle?

We wanted to create an object for everyday use that represented certain essential elements, such as 'water', 'glass', 'craftsmanship', and the genius loci of Venice, a city of water par excellence. We then wanted to bring these elements into dialogue with the new requirements of environmental protection, in a bottle that could easily lend itself to corporate, associative, solidarity customisation projects.
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What does combining tradition and innovation mean to you today?

We consider it essential to give space to the infinite forms of craftsmanship that Italy brings, in tune with a unique design object. It is unusual, but very effective because of the interest it arouses in the end customer.

What was the biggest difficulty in getting the project to take shape?

The rectangular shape of the bottle and the wide-mouthed neck, designed for multiple uses including easy cleaning, made the search for a stainless steel screw cap compatible with the bottle neck particularly complicated. At the same time, the requirement to contain water and carbonated beverages up to 4/5 bar pressure, problems brilliantly solved by Vetroelite.

How did Vetroelite best follow you in the realisation of the project?

A couple of large Italian companies had refused to develop our project because it was complex and/or too expensive for us, and sometimes unfeasible in their view. Vetroelite definitively decreed the start of our entrepreneurial adventure by solving the technical problems that had blocked us and enthusiastically supporting our ideas.