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Holyrood Distillery

Established in Edinburgh in 2019, Holyrood Distillery always aims to push boundaries, creating the spirits of the future.

What inspired you when you imagined your bottle?

Our vision was to create something that reflected not only the character of the gin itself, but also the natural landscape around the distillery. The distillery’s imposing backdrop of Arthur’s Seat provided the inspiration for the gin's name – ‘Height Of Arrows’ being the literal translation of ‘Àrd-Na-Said’, the Gaelic name for the extinct volcano. Standing at 251m, the Height of Arthur’s Seat was said to be the furthest distance an archer could fire an arrow – literally, aiming higher and breaking boundaries. When it came to the bottle we also wanted to aim higher and break boundaries, to create something totally unique and thought-provoking.

What makes your Spirit unique?

Our spirit represents a new way of looking at gin and how it is made. We use only three ingredients, rather than numerous botanical editions. It is a gin that is simple, clean and refined, inspired by the principles of whisky making; a few ingredients for flavour, depth and texture.

How has the packaging helped in telling the product story and its distinctiveness?

The bottle is simple, and striking- a perfect complement to the gin it contains. The bottle with its sloped shoulders gently mirrors the peak of Arthurs Seat and the light green colour of the bottle is reminiscent of the native lichen that adorns its rocks. The tactile sea glass effect makes the bottle beautiful to hold, and mirrors the gin's uniquely smooth texture.

What are you creating or imaging for the future?

At Holyrood Distillery one of our mantras is 'shape the spirit of tomorrow.' We'll continue to release thought-provoking spirits and explore new ways of doing things.

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