Botero is a bottle which resembles the shape of a carboy; the slightly conical body is dominated by a distinctive mouth, while the bottom is equipped with a picure that contributes to give special charm to the model. We created the packaging for this spirit thinking about Colombia and the very famous rum; the long aging in oak barrels, the colorful landscapes, and the intense but also charming aromatic characteristics of the product. The painting of the bottle top gives back an optimal feeling to the touch, the transparent bottom of the bottle reveals the iconic and warm color of the liqueur par excellence. It is a real tribute to the seductive beauty and the vibrant biodiversity of the Columbian coast: intense, colorful and full of contrasts.
Technical details
Bottle: Botero 700 cc
Cap: Elitecap Wood Black
- opaque paint with soft-touch effect and metallic opaque paint
- three-colour screen printing with embossing and ink jet details