The Chiara bottle design is well expressed in the oil version too: the demonstration of the importance of adapting, reusing and rethinking packaging to continue the narration of a product. Chiara retains the salient aesthetic features of the stylistic idea behind the article - such as the chiseled shoulder and short neck, which gives it a strong personality - while the details are reinterpreted to accommodate a different type of content. The Glass, whether transparent or colored, keeps intact the organoleptic properties of the content, but it is precisely in the dark green version that guarantees complete protection of the oil from UV rays, defending it from oxidation. Olive oil has always been one of the iconic products of the Mediterranean countries. Thanks to an agreement between Europe and the USA, duties have been suspended until July 2021, we hope it will be an opportunity to bring a good product to everyone's table.
Technical details
Bottle: Chiara 500 cc
Cap: Gualacap Plastic Black
Customisation: four-colour screen printing