A Tennessee whiskey with toasted notes, enveloped in spicy and all encompassing scents. Aromas of vanilla, cereals, honey, enhanced already at the sight by the warm amber colour of this distillate.
With its austere and elegant design, Cortese emphasises the care and complexity of an aged whiskey of the highest quality. A sleek line that we find in the silkscreen and label lettering, ennobled by the use of real gold and hot stamping. Ceramic screen printing guarantees excellent durability and creates an interplay between decoration and label. The use of a textured paper further elevates the product's standing, completed and enhanced by the premium Nauni cap in Canaletto walnut.
Technical details
Bottle: Cortese 750 cc
Cap: Luxurycap Nauni
- 4-colour ceramic silkscreen printing with transparent matt and real gold details
- cotton paper label with hot stamping
- collar label on soft touch paper and glossy uv varnish