Minimalism and character - Evan is the answer to the continuous research for a perfect balance between two opposing creative inputs. We imagined to welcome in this design a gin made with the infusion of fresh raspberries: an innovative spirit, with a natural tasting, for which we have chosen a red paint that evokes the characteristic color of the fruits. The rich and vibrant taste of juniper berries captures the essence of fresh raspberries, harvested at their maximum moment of ripening, balancing perfectly and revealing an unexpected botanical taste. Evan is a bottle with a design that leaves space and freedom of expression for its content. The unexpected detail on the shoulder gives a charismatic temperament and an almost architectural essentiality. The impact is a style between pure concept and authentic elegance.
Technical details
Bottle: Evan 700 cc
Cap: Premiercap Wood Lines
- transparent gloss varnish
- label on the front in embossed paper