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Maverick is a classic bottle that sets no limits to creativity. It is a product that stands out for its high potential for customization: like blank paper, it knows how to accommodate an new story for content and style. The large faces leave space for the decoration and application of extra-large labels. We chose Maverick's design to tell the Irish tradition of fine aged whiskeys. The golden color of the distillate anticipates a soft taste with sweet hints of honey and caramel and emphasizes screen printing on the front; the labels on the body and neck of the bottle add refinement to this essential packaging. The result is a very delicate visual and tactile narration, an unpublished story of the barley matured in the sun.
Technical details
Bottle: Maverick 700 cc
Cap: Elitecap Wood Natural Beech
- overlapping labels with textured varnish
- single-colour screen printing on the front