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Glass and paper tell their stories.

Each product is a story that speaks of identity and authenticity, which is expressed in the choice of a glass bottle that enhances its content, a label with refined paper, and a print that is meticulously detailed. Three fundamental elements that intertwine to represent and communicate the true essence of the product. We invite you to discover the Glass and Paper Stories project created in collaboration with UPM Raflatac, one of the world's leading suppliers of label materials, and Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche, a leading Italian company in the printing of fine labels.
glass and paper stories deskglass and paper stories mobile
enigma spirit bottle Vetroelitebottle label customisation detail
enigma spirit bottle Vetroelite front

BOTTLE:Enigma's grooves are reminiscent of a diamond's play of light. It is characterised by a slender line, a rounded profile and a precious decoration that projects us into glacial atmospheres.

PAPER: For the label, an FSC-certified paper laminated with a thin layer of aluminium was chosen for a metal-like effect. A silver metallised polypropylene film was used for the collar, which is glossy and allows for mirror effect labels.

PRINT: The label’s texture is realised with offset and screen printing and further embellished by the thick varnish. The finish with protective matt varnish coating completes the result.

deco spirit bottle Vetroelite detail customisation label neck bottle closure
deco spirit bottle Vetroelite front

BOTTLE: Déco is a refined bottle with a versatile style. The relief lines extending along the body give it movement and uniqueness in an attractive alternation of solids and voids.

PAPER: The paper used for the label gives it a unique soft touch effect and an aesthetic appearance of the highest standard.

PRINT: The screen-printed label is characterised by highly detailed silver and gold foils. The elegant patterns are perfectly framed by the three-dimensionality of the embossing.
valletta duo spirit bottle Vetroelite detail
valletta duo spirit bottle Vetroelite front

BOTTLE: The wide relief grooves and the enveloping, slightly conical silhouette make Valletta Duo an unmistakable bottle. It is characterised by round, attractive lines, which gently seduce.

PAPER: The natural white virgin paper, anti-shrinkage, lends tradition and classicism to your packaging.

PRINT: The offset printing, embellished by the bright red foil embossing, provides maximum emphasis to the product name and emphasises its pop style.
londra spirit bottle Vetroelite detail
londra spirit bottle Vetroelite front

BOTTLE: Londra is the meeting of a design with a classic profile and a dynamic line. With attention to the smallest detail, the delicate grooves running through it represent the essence of movement, the energy that marks the rhythm of the great cities.

PAPER: The label, with its delicate and elegant material is made of a FSC-certified, natural white paper with a barrier-coated surface. For the Collar, an FSC-certified super glossy coated paper was chosen.

PRINT: Embellished with relief and gold foil, the offset printing creates a three-dimensional effect that enhances and intensifies the lines running throughout the body of the bottle. A bright and stylish label, skilfully finished off with a layer of protective matt varnish.
origin lines spirit bottle Vetroelite detail
origin lines spirit bottle Vetroelite front

BOTTLE: Origin Lines is a bottle with refined vertical lines, evoking vintage-style atmospheres, elegant and iconic. Minimalism and architectural inspirations: the harmony of form, without excess.

PAPER: A glossy top-coated, metallized polypropylene film, for a very impactful mirror effect labels.

PRINT: The mixed technique of offset and screen printing is enhanced by a layer of thick gloss varnish.