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Vinolok closures meet Vetroelite bottles.

Rosé is a cheerful, fresh and fragrant wine that can please both red and white wine lovers. Those who prefer red and those who love white. It is colour and flavour in a single dimension, it is seduction at first sight, it is a desire to immerse oneself in its infinite nuances. VETROelite and Vinolok present a very special project: five bottles, five shades of pink, five sensations enclosed within them. Containers and closures that hold the product, the perfect frame for telling an emotion. The one we will experience at the first sip. Vinolok is one of the most elegant and creative closures for still wines, spirits, water and oil. It is made of pure Bohemian glass, which lends a high quality style and makes any container unforgettable. Vinolok is completely recyclable.
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wine Vetroelite closures vinolok fuchsia pink
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Dune wine - Desert sand

Desert pink accompanies us through a metaphysical atmosphere where land meets sky and the immensity of nature reveals itself in the gentleness of the wind-carried sand. This pink gives that sense of freedom we feel when we once again touch the sand after a long winter
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axelle wine Vetroelite closures vinolok


The Tuscan landscape tinged with picturesque pink, almost like capturing the sunset in a fresco. The countryside develops over the cypress-lined hillside, illuminated by horizontal light that strikes and colours the stone walls of the farmhouses, a perfect time to have a glass of wine in front of you.
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marina wine Vetroelite closures vinolok


Everything is more intense by the seaside. The rhythm of the waves in the background and the light reflecting on the body of water appear to sweep each moment away, making it exotic and unforgettable. Gathering on the beach means sharing the same energy, being submerged in the same emotions.
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carato wine Vetroelite closures vinolok


The wonder we feel at dawn is the power of simplicity. Clouds moving as light as our thoughts, ideas transforming into dreams. It is the gentle calm at the end of a long day, when everything returns to its natural equilibrium, displaying a world of pink to us.
closures vinolok fuchsia gold
preziosa wine Vetroelite closures vinolok


Spring is pink. It is that instinct of rebirth, a spectacle with nature as the protagonist, where bare trees cover themselves in scented flowers in a harmonic dance of colour and motion. A magical and precious moment, like a gem.