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Yoonik for Vetroelite: when packaging becomes art.

In our work we constantly try to intercept new trends, transform and apply them to the world of glass. Creating content that inspires across sectors, searching for and recreating a red thread: this is what distinguishes and identifies us. Our interest in illustration stems from our understanding of packaging as an art form, a way of enhancing content beyond the known and elevating it even in the most competitive scenarios.

For this capsule we decided to collaborate with Yoonik: a talent and project management agency dedicated to the world of illustration; their pay-off is “people, illustrations, ideas”. Their vision is really different. We relied on the traits of the artists represented to communicate. In a unique, original, unforgettable way. 

We worked on three of our iconic containers: a bottle from the world of spirits, one from the world of wine, and a jar for honey. Precisely because we wanted to create an unexpected dialogue between product and observer, we left the illustrators free to explore and create, in their own way, an artwork that would convey content and container. We asked them to tell their story, with color, stroke, details. We wanted the bottles to tell a story, without the need for words.
In collaboration with
What we like about illustration is that it is immediate, unambiguous, effective. Its high narrative and evocative capacities are able to strike and amaze immediately, arousing strong emotions in the observer. Sensations that are imprinted in the memory more than a thousand words, that remain in time. Applying this type of art to packaging means taking illustration to a higher level; the illustrated stroke becomes the engine and vehicle for evolving, differentiating, and competing in today's market. A crowded, hyper-competitive, international market, where the eye wants to be captured, with wonder. This art defines and characterises the graphic appearance of the packaging, giving strong personality to the product and strengthening brand awareness at the same time. Here, then, it becomes an excellent tool for defining and strengthening the positioning of the product, distinguishing it from the competition and increasing its attractiveness.


For Mattia, illustration is the highest form of communication; he studies and absorbs the themes and products he illustrates, creating a world into which he lets the observer enter. His works are somewhat melancholic, nostalgic, and memories of his childhood are present. His style evolves with him, in a continuous search for a real language. For Outlaw he has created a front and back label, reminding us that nothing is as it seems.

The Outlaw bottle holds a secret, a vodka distilled from pure seawater. It is a concentrate of aromas and flavours for a tasting experience always in search of new stimuli, discovering new horizons. A product with a fresh and free soul, like the feeling of the wind in your hair and the cold stinging your face. The label illustrated by Mattia embodies the North Sea lifestyle and does so with an almost primordial spirit. Silver-plated details embellish and enrich a bottle that is minimalist.


The characters Chiara draws are her trademark. The thick hair, the soft strokes, the almost dreamlike language has won us over to the possibility of narrating the experience of drinking a glass of wine at sunset.
The lines are sinuous and the interplay of solids and voids gives rhythm to his illustrations.
For Florence he has created a label that is a fragment of life lived or imagined.

The Elisir de Provence is a rosé of pure pleasure. A cheerful, fresh and fragrant wine that can please both those who prefer red and those who love white. It is colour and flavour in a single dimension; it is seduction at first sight, a desire to immerse oneself in its infinite nuances. A wine whose refinement is announced right from the bottle. Lively and fruity, it is the right mix of freshness and elegance for an aperitif in Saint Tropez, or to experience the feeling of being right there.


We were immediately won over by Juls' clean, refined style. The calligraphy is what characterises his work. Straddling the line between a nostalgic concept and the revival of a vintage style, Juls has created a label for the Monaco jar that takes us back in time.

Lavender honey is a delicacy, a little treasure to be savoured at least once in a lifetime. Its scent is fragrant, its flavour light, floral and at the same time fruity. Produced in Italy from wild lavender (Lavandula stoechas), a particular species of lavender cultivated in Sardinia, it is a pure, ethical and raw honey. For its container, with its distinctive silhouette, Juls created a lavender pattern emphasised by a calligraphic account of the product's characteristics. A label that captures, at first glance, the true taste of our country's landscape.