Bottle for room fragrances

This attractive bottle convincingly illustrates the famous expression: “Less is more!” OUTLAW is modest, practical, ample, compact, and lightweight while retaining a particularly craft appearance.
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Code Capacity Weight Height (A) Base (B/C) Neck finish Internal bo
0551WH1V001 50 cc. 90 g. 89 mm. 53x28 mm. Ring 14 mm.
1134WH1V001 100 cc. 170 g. 110 mm. 66x35 mm. Ring 17 mm.
2189WH1V001 200 cc. 250 g. 133 mm. 79x42 mm Ring 18.5 mm.
3723WH1V001 375 cc. 350 g. 158 mm. 95x50 mm. Ring 18.5 mm.
5240WH1V001 500 cc. 500 g. 176 mm. 104x55 mm. Ring 18.5 mm.
7210WH1V001 700 cc. 600 g. 194 mm. 116x61 mm. Ring 18.5 mm.
7614WH1V001 750 cc. 600 g. 194 mm. 118x63 mm. Ring 18.5 mm.

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