Bottle for room fragrances

In Manila’s design, the iconic pharmaceutical style dialogues with the styles of the Orient. The reference to its culture is in the decoration, which is inspired by the harmony of Japanese paper umbrellas. The low, round profile, together with the detail of the lines on the underside of the bottle body, creates a play of light that emphasises the contents. The pouring spout, short neck and ergonomic grip also make it an extraordinarily dynamic product. Combined with the complementary Macao version, it creates an original mini collection.
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Capacity Weight Height (A) Base (B) Neck finish Internal bore (D)
1156WH1V005 100 cc. 120 g. 92.6 mm. 53 mm. Flange ring 17 mm
2208WH1V005 200 cc. 200 g. 114 mm. 65.4 mm. Flange ring 18.5 mm
5292WH1V005 500 cc. 400 g. 147.4 mm. 86.8 mm. Flange ring 18.5 mm
7254WH1V005 700 cc. 500 g. 162 mm. 96.7 mm. Flange ring 21.5 mm

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