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Room fragrance bottles

Bottles designed to hold fragrances capable of creating a unique atmosphere, enveloping spaces, completing the identity of a place and making it memorable.

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Packaging for fragrances

Vetroelite offers an extended range of glass perfumes and frances diffusers bottles in order to meet the companies’ needs in this area where packaging plays a vital role. The perfume bottles of Vetroelite’s catalogue are able to mix tradition and innovation, functionality and aesthetic, meeting the broad market’s requirements.  The online catalogue includes simple and linear designed glass bottles, such as classic rectangular perfume bottles, along with refined and original products with elaborate and innovative lines, always taking in consideration a combination of function and beauty. 
Being based on industry’s requirements, each concept is thoroughly researched and its design interpreted and implemented in the production of bottles intended for perfumes and diffusers, perfect for protecting and diffusing the most elegant men, women and home fragrances. 

Perfumes bottles: exclusive packaging for fragrances

Bottles with classic and polished shapes, made of top quality glass in order to contain high-quality products and enhance their fragrances, scents and colours. The Vecchia Farmacia model, for instance, is a timeless piece. If you are looking for more creative and original lines, Pamela and Sofia could be the perfect choices for you. The Kaori and Kimono models are appreciated for their versatility: you can create an entire perfume kit with these shapes, making for refined furnishing accessories. You have a lot of choice, not only in terms of shape but in size too: glass perfume bottles go from 40ml to magnum size up to 5l. 

An exclusive product needs an exclusive packaging: the glass bottles offered here are the perfect choices for preserving fragrances and perfumes while also pleasing the eye. Each bottle is customised on request, with your brand embossed or various personalised decorations inserted to add a touch of luxury and uniqueness. 

Check our online catalogue to choose your favourite perfume bottle and give a unique appeal to your product. Send us your request: our sales staff will contact you with a customised quotation. 

Glass bottles for home fragrance kits

Beside perfume bottles, Vetroelite also offers glass bottles for home fragrance kits with a traditional or contemporary design and state-of-the-art technical features, emphasising the olfactory notes of the product contained within. The essential oils diffusers create an inviting, fresh and stimulating environment at home, but also in hotels, showrooms, beautician salons and shops. They give customers a welcoming and unique experience from a sensory and emotional perspective. This is why choosing the right containers for a fragrance kit is crucial.
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Flange ring
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Screw pp 31.5 m
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