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Spirit carafes

A variety of formats and mouthpieces, uniquely styled carafes for precious and timeless distillates.

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Design Collection: Decanter glass bottles

Vetroelite decanter glass bottles are containers with an ample shape, suitable for preserving numerous types of beverages; from a vast range of spirits to local, typical products such as bitters, grappa, liquors, but also precious oil or vinegar. The decanter is one of the most versatile containers used for the marketing and preservation of every kind of beverage and product. Thanks to the variety of different shapes and mouth openings available, decanters may also be used to display fruit preserved in alcohol and spirits.

Decanter glass bottles - Shapes and models

Decanter glass bottles are available in various shapes, models and sizes. With a classic or modern design, traditional or innovative shapes, each model has a common denominator: the expert mix of aesthetic and functionality and the continuous search for avant-garde solutions that allow us to satisfy the industry’s desires.

The Vetroelite online catalogue offers a vast range of products, which can be selected according to your needs. Pamela and Ramona, glass decanters with a fresh personality and young, contemporary lines, whose design makes them perfect for use with home fragrances. Both models are available in different sizes. The Marlene is ideal for those seeking softer and more traditional shapes, without giving up on innovation. Bora, a glass decanter in various sizes from 200ml, 250ml, to 700ml, has a classic shape that makes it perfect for the preservation of spirits, grappa or liquors.

Check our online catalogue to choose your favourite decanter glass bottle and give a unique appeal to your product. Send us your request: our sales staff will contact you with a customised quotation.

Decanter glass bottles – Customisation

Once you have chosen the model and the size you want, the decanter glass bottle can be customised as you wish, reproducing your embossed brand or inserting various decorations chosen by you: add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your products!
1000 cc
50 cc
100 cc
1000 cc
1500 cc
1750 cc
200 cc
2000 cc
250 cc
2500 cc
3000 cc
350 cc
375 cc
500 cc
5000 cc
700 cc
750 cc
Mouth Finish type
Ring finish
Gpi 20/400
Gpi 22/400
Gpi 28/400
Gpi 33/400
Swing top
Swing top big
Tappo meccanico far
Tappo meccanico far small
Swing Top Mignon
Flange ring
Flange ring
Screw pp 18
Screw pp 18 m
Screw pp 18 ma
Screw pp 24 ma
Screw pp 28 m
Screw pp 31.5
Screw pp 31.5 m
Special screw
Antique green