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Spirit carafes

A variety of formats and mouthpieces, uniquely styled carafes for precious and timeless distillates.

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Glass carafes for spirits

Glass decanters are essential for preserving and displaying various beverages. Vetroelite offers a range of decanter designs, combining aesthetic appeal and practicality. 

The online catalogue offers classic and contemporary shapes, with different sizes and mouth openings to meet the industry’s needs. The Marlene model features a traditional yet innovative shape, while the Bora is perfect for preserving spirits, grappa, or liquors. The Pamela and Ramona designs feature young, fresh lines that make them ideal for home fragrances.

Customisable glass pitchers

In addition to choosing from different designs and sizes, Vetroelite offers customisable options for glass pitchers. You can add your brand or other decorations to create a unique product that stands out in the market. This adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity that appeals to discerning customers.

Elegant glass carafes

Glass carafes are an excellent option for preserving and serving beverages such as water, juice, and wine. Vetroelite offers carafe designs that combine high quality materials with functionality. Some examples of our range of glass carafes include the Arno model, with its classic shape, is ideal for wine, while the Diamant model is perfect for displaying water or juice.

Personalised glass decanters

Personalised glass decanter options allow you to create a unique product that reflects your brand or style. You can choose from a range of design options and add your brand or decoration to create a standout product that will catch the customers’ eye on a shelf. This customisation adds exclusivity to your product and appeals to customers who value luxury and uniqueness.

Stylish glass pitchers

Glass pitchers are a versatile way for serving various beverages, from water and juice to cocktails and spirits. Vetroelite designs a range of stylish glass pitchers in both classic and contemporary shapes and styles. The online catalogue features different sizes and mouth openings, making it easy to choose the perfect pitcher for your needs. The Loretta model, with its classic shape and elegant lines, is ideal for serving cocktails, while the Chelsea model is perfect for water and other non-alcoholic beverages.

What about functionality?

Glass carafes, decanters, and pitchers are not only elegant serving vessels for drinks, but they also serve a functional purpose. They allow for easy pouring and often have features such as spill-proof lids or built-in strainers. They can also enhance the presentation of a beverage, making it more appealing to the eye and giving it a touch of sophistication in a place like a restaurant, a café or a stylish household.

Customisable glass carafes

The customisation is also available for glass carafes, allowing you to create a unique and elegant product that will make your brand instantly recognisable. High-quality glass pitchers, decanters, and carafes designed by Vetroelite are versatile and stylish. With different design options and customisable features, you can create a unique product that tells your own brand’s story. Whether you need a decanter for spirits or a carafe for water, we have the perfect piece for your collection. Check out the online catalogue to choose the perfect glass pitcher, decanter, or carafe for your business. Then contact us and wait for a quotation.

Our offer of glass packaging includes a wide selection of packaging for spirits, such as glass bottles for liqueurs.
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Swing top
Tappo meccanico far
Tappo meccanico far small
Flange ring
Flange ring
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Screw pp 31.5 m
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