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  4. 10 January 2023

A greener future

Drawing big plans, dreaming. Dealing with new (exciting) scenarios, by imagining. Building the future, by doing.

In order to build a greener future, we have chosen to keep our commitment to Treedom, an international platform for tree planting. In fact, our forest is preparing to welcome 250 new specimens of different species, in order to protect biodiversity, planted all over the world. As a company, we then decided to go one step further, signing an agreement with this partner that will see us committed to this path of sustainability for three years. If we cannot eliminate the Co2 produced, then we can compensate for it, protecting the environment and supporting the communities where we will plant these seeds to grow and prosper.

A medium-term project that requires us to be present and active in a changing world, at the service of a nature that deserves our awareness and support. A step towards a future, ever greener, certainly together.