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  4. 20 November 2023

'Metafore' colours the second chapter of the Chromie project.

Continuing the journey under the banner of colours, we present the second chapter of Chromie: Metafore. A world of colours, inspiring similes, a constant and unstoppable creative collision.
Earth, Sand, Spices, Moon, Argilla, Desert Rose, Mud, Breeze, Coral and Abisso: pure pigments become an authentic, almost primordial instrument of communication, creating true visual and sensorial stories.

10 new, patented colours to uniquely paint our bottles. A mosaic of nuances studied in detail, formulated to be the maximum expression of what we want to tell: with glass, with colour, with content. An extra step to offer you not only quality bottles, but real tools for branding and amplifying the potential of your product thanks to the infinite possibilities of customisation.

Enter the world of Metafore, click here.