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Metafore speaks of similes that inspire and show us the world in another light: that of memory and wonder.

To write this second chapter, we imagined colour as a means of communication. Pure pigments become an authentic, almost primordial tool for visual and sensorial stories. A mosaic of nuances studied in detail, refined, the ultimate expression of what we want to tell: with glass, with colour, with content.

Metafore Collection

Metafore Collection: colour palette.

Clay is an ancient and welcoming ingredient that is transformed in the hands of those who mould, shape, and build. It helps to express in the material what sometimes seems inexpressible, even if only through its intense tonality.
The desire to transport a gesture into colour, that of hands spreading sun-drenched sand. Vibrant, empirical shades sublimate past and future in a timeless experience.
It is the breeze on the face, the eyes opening to the beauty of a living, regenerating nature in which mind and body are reborn. In colour, time expands and the world becomes a distant horizon.
That unmistakable whiteness that only the moon, with its cold light, can emanate, making it indelible. Its innocent sensuality becomes a pigmented shade that touches the chords of the soul.
The dustiness of this shade is pure beauty, like a flower displaying its delicate petals in the middle of the desert. Detail becomes expressionism, the search for the unexpected pigment is almost a meditation.
In the apparent coldness of mud, we find a colour that is a new basis for creativity. Contemporaneity and grace, hands that mould, aesthetic rules that are sometimes born to be broken.
A shade as bold, eclectic and uncontaminated as the material from which it draws its inspiration. Precious, true, indomitable, created by nature in perfect balance between the animal, natural and mineral kingdoms.
Colour and nature dialogue, earth becomes visual art, harmonious colour in its most natural manifestation. A hue that speaks deep down of something known, which becomes, here, unexpected.
An instinctively restful colour that urges us to stop and contemplate the immensity of the abyss. Its depth and magnetism connect us, unfiltered, to our innermost emotions.
The sound of an oriental souk, the pungent smell of spices mingling with the warmth of the air. A balanced combination, an alchemy of primitive sensations that honour millennial ingredients.
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