It is our expertise in the bespoke that makes us stand out from the crowd;
we design exclusive packaging for unique products.

Specific or “made to measure” models

All the technical, marketing and commercial skills necessary for the creation and sale of the models in the VETROELITE catalogue can also be used for the development and supply of customised glass models.

VETROELITEaccompanies its customers throughout all the phases of these projects: initial data collection, elaboration of the project, 3D printing modelling, samples of the glass with trial printing, quality control, technical monitoring of the pre-series or the first industrial production.

Customised models

A special design based on your requirements
The process employed for customised models is the same: VETROELITEstandard models that are to be customised require the creation of partial moulds (a particular incision in the finishing mould, adjustment of a bartop or a special base…), the creation of specific volumes or, even, the production of a lighter or heavier version that requires more complete equipment.