Bottle for olive oil and vinegar

The light sound of moving leaves, the music of nature accompanying the sun on summer days. With its elongated shape, Soffio evokes the power of the wind. A handy and unforgettable silhouette, characterised by its large horizontal surfaces reminiscent of classic decanters, making it perfect for the most exclusive products.
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Code Capacity Weight Height (A) Base (B) Neck finish Internal Bore Colour
2602VA1V002 250 cc. 250 g. 114.9 mm. 111.1 mm. Bar Top 18.5 mm. Antique green
5290VA1V002 500 cc. 430 g. 138.3 mm. 138 mm. Bar Top 18.5 mm. Antique green
7302VA1V002 700 cc. 550 g. 153.3 mm. 153 mm. Bar Top 18.5 mm. Antique green

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