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Oil and vinegar bottles

A selection of the best glass bottles for oil and vinegar; a proposal that combines tradition and innovation to enhance the story behind each flavour.

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Glass bottles for oil and vinegar

Looking for elegant and quality glass bottles to preserve your products? Vetroelite offers a wide range including olive oil glass bottles, glass vinegar bottles, and glass oil and vinegar bottles.

Our glass bottles for olive oil come in different sizes and colors, including antique green and white glass. Dark glass bottles are preferred as they can protect the oil from the damaging effects of light. We also offer small olive oil bottles perfect for domestic use. In addition to olive oil, we offer glass bottles for vinegar and other products. 

Glass olive oil bottles

Our range of glass olive oil bottles are designed to showcase the rich color and texture of your product. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs, from small bottles for domestic use to larger sizes for bulk storage. Our glass bottles are made from high-quality materials and are designed to protect your olive oil from degradation and light exposure.

Glass vinegar bottles

Our glass vinegar bottles are the perfect choice for showcasing your product's rich color and texture. Our glass bottles are designed to protect your vinegar from degradation and light exposure, ensuring that your product remains fresh and flavorful for your customers to enjoy.

Customisable glass oil and vinegar bottles

Our glass oil and vinegar bottles are the perfect choice for restaurants and cafés looking to showcase their products in an elegant and sophisticated way. Our collection features a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs, including classic and modern designs. The glass bottles for oil and vinegar can be customised on request, reproducing your embossed brand or inserting various decorations chosen by you: add a touch of uniqueness to your products!

Particularly noteworthy is the ITALIA glass bottle for oil and vinegar, a new model available in 4 sizes: 40ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500 ml. Another beloved model is the BARRIQUE, a bottle with soft shapes available in light and dark glass. Lastly, the SANDRA and VIRGINIA models deserve a mention: bottles with a streamlined and elegant shape, also available in white or green glass. Your colour choice will affect the oil’s preservation, so choose carefully.

Our high-quality glass bottles are designed to protect your products and showcase them in an elegant and sophisticated way. Contact us today to learn more about our design glass bottles and how we can help you showcase your food and beverage products in the best possible way. This will help you stand out from the crowd on a shelf and also be instantly recognised by customers in a restaurant or café. 
Our range of high quality glass packaging includes many products: Glass Wine Bottlesfood packagingglass jars and glass syrup bottles.
106 cc
50 cc
100 cc
1000 cc
106 cc
1500 cc
156 cc
200 cc
212 cc
250 cc
260 cc
3000 cc
3100 cc
314 cc
375 cc
500 cc
580 cc
6000 cc
700 cc
720 cc
750 cc
80 cc
Mouth Finish type
Ring finish
Gpi 20/400
Gpi 22/400
Gpi 28/400
Gpi 28/410
Gpi 33/400
Guala 1031/47
Pp 31.5 H44
Tappo meccanico far
To 110 std
To 43 std
To 58 deep
To 63 deep
To 70 deep
To 70 std
To 76 deep
To 82 std
Flange ring
Flange ring
Screw pp 18
Screw pp 18 ma
Screw pp 24
Screw pp 24 ma
Screw pp 28
Screw pp 28 m
Screw pp 31.5
Screw pp 31.5 a
Screw pp 31.5 m
Screw pp 31.5 mtp
Screw pp 35
Screw pp 35 m
Special screw
Special screw 28
Special screw mnr
Special screw mr
Special screw ph 35
Screw UNI 31.5M PPV
Antique green