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  4. 15 December 2023

Ginnasium: the first neuromarketing case study of gin design.

Increasingly an element of differentiation in consumer choice, packaging is now to all intents and purposes a multisensory experience, the first point of contact between the consumer and the product. A key element in attracting attention and conveying a multitude of messages, especially in today's crowded and competitive international market.

Every element is a sensation, every shape is a perception: with the aim of conducting a neuromarketing study on the fundamental role of details in the design system, Ginnasium brought together 5 designers and 7 different packaging and neuromarketing partners.

The result is 10 imaginary gin designs, all created using VETROelite bottles, which tell fragments of stories and cultures of some of the fascinating regions in southern Italy.

Through the collection of empirical data and the use of advanced technologies, consumer preferences and behaviour were explored to understand how packaging captures attention and how its elements, both individually and collectively, convey the identity and story of a product in an emotional way to the consumer.