Vetroelite announced the acquisition of Valery Glass - Vetroelite

Vetroelite announced the acquisition of Valery Glass  - Vetroelite

With the acquisition of Valery Glass, VETROelite becomes a European champion of high-end glass packaging

Ormelle, 19 July 2018
VETROelite, one of Europe's leading designers and distributors of high-end glass packaging,
announced the acquisition of Valery Glass, one of its main competitors in Italy.

The two companies, operating in the same field but very complementary, are among the most dynamic in their sector.
The acquisition of Valery Glass by VETROelite will allow the two companies to combine their strengths, offering an even
wider range of products, oriented to offer an optimal and tailor-made service for each customer, from product design
to its implementation and delivery.

The new group, as a result of the above acquisition, will have more than 3.000 customers in every country, with
warehouses in Italy (Treviso, Milan and Barletta), the United States and Canada.

"...I founded the company 25 years ago, constantly striving to provide impeccable products and services to my customers.
I am very happy to sell my company to a group like VETROelite. I have known Daniele Feletto for a long time, we have the
same passion for the products and the same commitment to customer service, and I am very confident in his ability
to continue, together with the employees of Valery Glass, on our extraordinary path of growth..."
Marco Lesinigo, president and founder of Valery Glass.

With this acquisition, VETROelite, led by Daniele Feletto, now has a turnover of approximately € 30 million and almost 50 employees.

" ...We are pleased to welcome Valery Glass and all their employees into the VetroElite family..."
declares Daniele Feletto, President of VETROelite" ...The merger of VETROelite with Valery Glass is the perfect solution:
it allows to significantly enlarge the portfolios of our respective products, provide our customers with a better service
and increase the coverage of our market from alcoholic beverages to the food sector through cosmetics and
home diffusers. With the trust of our customers, strengthened partnerships with our suppliers and the synergy of the
VETROelite and Valery Glass teams, we are confident that we will continue to significantly grow our business and
accelerate our development in European and world markets..."