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Wine bottles

The glass bottles offered in this collection represent a selection of products, specially designed for the world of wine. A reinterpretation of the great classics.

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Glass bottles for wine

When it comes to wine packaging, glass bottles are the most popular choice. This is an ideal material due to its ability to preserve wine quality and taste, as well as its aesthetic appeal. 

Glass bottles are the most commonly used packaging option for wine, and for good reason. Glass is a non-porous material, which means it does not react chemically with the wine, ensuring that the quality and taste of the wine remain intact. Additionally, glass bottles are easy to recycle, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Why this is the best choice for wine packaging

In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for sustainable and eco-friendly wine packaging. Another emerging trend in wine glass packaging is the use of unique shapes and colors. Wine bottles with unique shapes and designs are increasingly being used to make a statement and stand out on the shelves. Moreover, colored glass bottles are being used to protect the wine from harmful UV rays and light exposure.

Vetroelite’s glass bottles for wine

Among the popular models of glass bottles for wine designed by Vetroelite, there are several worth mentioning.

  • The Borgognotta or Borgognona bottle, for instance, takes its name from the renowned wine-making French region of Burgundy. This bottle has a pronounced heel, cylindrical body, slender shoulder and long neck, and a 75 cl capacity. 
  • Similarly, the Renana or Alsaziana bottle, which originates from the Rhine area, has a subtle heel, long neck, height of 35 cm, and a 75 cl capacity. It is also known as a “flute.”
  • For those looking for a more traditional bottle, the Bordolese is a great option. This bottle has a cylindrical body, a pronounced shoulder, and a short neck. It is approximately 30 cm high and has a 75 cl capacity. There are also conical versions of Bordolese, with more pronounced shoulders, and a variety called the high shoulder Bordolese (or Bordolese Golia) used for particularly precious red and white wines.
  • The Sciampagnotta (or Champagnotta) bottle is another popular choice for wine glass packaging, taking its name from the French region of Champagne, the production area of the well-known sparkling wine. Its shape is characterised by a highly pronounced heel, cylindrical body, slender shoulder and long neck. The height varies greatly based on capacity, with the standard 75 cl size and several larger litre versions (such as the Magnum, the Jéroboam, the Mathusalem, etc.)
  • Other wine bottle models worth mentioning include the Albesia, traditionally used for wines from the Piedmont area of Italy, and the Pulcianella bottle, named after Montepulciano, the Tuscan town in the Province of Siena. The Porto bottle is used to contain the Portuguese fortified wine of the same name, while the Anforetta Provenzale bottle is typical of Côtes de Provence wine.

In summary, wine glass packaging is an important aspect of the wine industry, and the type of bottle used can convey a lot about the product. Understanding the characteristics of different wine bottle models can help in selecting the most appropriate packaging for different types of wine.

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Mouth Finish type
Ring finish
Gpi 20/400
Gpi 22/400
Gpi 28/400
Gpi 28/410
Gpi 33/400
Guala 1031/47
Pp 31.5 H44
Tappo meccanico far
To 110 std
To 43 std
To 58 deep
To 63 deep
To 70 deep
To 70 std
To 76 deep
To 82 std
Flange ring
Flange ring
Screw pp 18
Screw pp 18 ma
Screw pp 24
Screw pp 24 ma
Screw pp 28
Screw pp 28 m
Screw pp 31.5
Screw pp 31.5 a
Screw pp 31.5 m
Screw pp 31.5 mtp
Screw pp 35
Screw pp 35 m
Special screw
Special screw 28
Special screw mnr
Special screw mr
Special screw ph 35
Screw UNI 31.5M PPV
Antique green