Candle jars

Simple, linear containers that lend themselves well to a high degree of customisation. The key piece to complete any room fragrance proposal.

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Glass containers for candles

A variety of sizes and shapes that are perfectly suited for holding perfumed scents: candle glass containers encircle the flame and create a one-of-a-kind fragrance experience.
Experience the fragrance not only with your nose but also with your eyes and hands. Even the palate is inspired by the candles, a symbol of interior decor distinctiveness and the substance of exquisite romanticism. Glass containers for candles highlight the beauty of colourful wax, which diffuses its fragrances across the room to enthral anyone seeking a positive vibe.

To avoid drawing attention away from the true protagonist, the flame ready to diffuse the desired scent across the room, the glass candle holders have basic shapes and practical designs.

How to choose among glass candle containers

If your fragrance comes in the form of a scented candle, you will need the right container to enhance it without detracting from its beauty. Choose glass jars for candles whose transparent surfaces and lovingly crafted sparkles will make the fragrance inside the jar the true star of the show.

The glass candle holders that Vetroelite supplies combine the simplicity of the past with contemporary, complex interior design elements. You can place a candle within a container as a perfect accompaniment to a perfume diffuser or you can display it as the sole carrier of your fragrance: either way, the candle glass container will be dazzling in any situation. You can have small or large glass containers for candles inspired by cups and vases and perfectly suitable for any interior design style.

Colourful glass containers for candles

The core principle is to highlight the content: the translucent glass is quite unique for this task. Coloured and glowing wax burn inside of clear glass containers used for holding candles, though glass can also be tinted with other colours. The excellence of our craftsmen's work ensures that the glass is always durable and suitable for holding hot wax, as well as sufficiently thin to allow the creation of light effects.

To this purpose, we feature glass containers for scented candles in a variety of colours that allow you to match the container to the content while emphasising creativity. An intimate and romantic atmosphere, or perhaps a welcoming and familiar one? The environment will also depend on the candle's design and packaging. Choose original, unique vases with evocative lines or precise, minimalistic jars that have been meticulously crafted with a love that makes each glass container unique.

Customised glass candle containers

A hotel with its own range of room fragrances; a shop that releases a certain scent; a sumptuous home where one can diffuse the perfume of their favourite brand. Having personalised candle holders adds a distinctive touch to the display of your scent and visually tells the story of the fragrance.

Ask the experts at Vetroelite whether they can help you find the shape, size, and details that are appropriate for candle glass containers that uniquely identify your business. We are willing to transform your wishes into the ideal container for scented candles.
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