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Perfume bottles

Personal fragrance bottles, sometimes vintage, sometimes modern aesthetics, to tell the story of the emotion of the first spray.

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Perfume packaging

Glass perfume bottles are the perfect packaging for fragrances. You can choose from the uniquely designed Vetroelite models and also customise your own.

Glass perfume bottles play a crucial role in emphasising the appeal of fragrances and drawing shoppers' attention in an elegant and beautiful way. Vetroelite, a leading glass bottle manufacturer, understands the importance of creating decorative glass perfume bottles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emphasise the scent's beauty and uniqueness.

Vetroelite's skilled artisans blend contemporary design with traditional production techniques to create a variety of glass perfume bottles that come in intricate, fancy designs or clear and simple containers that exude minimalism. When choosing between beautiful glass perfume bottles, it is essential to consider the scents they will contain and their defining characteristics. The fragrance itself will reveal which bottle is its perfect container: refined or simple, detailed or clean-lined.

Decorative glass perfume bottles and their meaning 

The design of decorative glass perfume bottles tells more than its ability to contain the precious liquid. The packaging is an integral component of the luxury goods' shopping experience. Vetroelite's sensitivity to materials and technological innovation informs its decisions about volume, shape, and surface until the fragrance and its bottle represent an exceptional and unmistakable alchemy.

Displayed in the window of a perfumery, the glass perfume bottle creates a purchase experience where all of the customers' senses are engaged. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully match the glass perfume bottle in an attractive and refined manner to the fragrance it will contain. The customer who opens the bottle to smell the fragrance will anticipate the aromatic pleasure while imagining the wonders it holds. It is a story within a story and directs people to the ideal fragrance that tells their own story.

Beautiful glass perfume bottles for different scents 

Vetroelite's love of glass leads to creating the perfect packaging for the unique and original story of each fragrance. Square glass perfume bottles are designed for strong, intense, and defined scents, while elaborate, decorative glass perfume bottles are created for the most romantic, sensual, and alluring fragrances.

Custom made glass perfume bottles

Vetroelite can fulfil unique and exclusive requests by creating custom-made glass perfume bottles, designed to tell your story in every last detail. You can add an inscription to the glass perfume bottle that serves as a reminder of your brand, the original company behind your scented creations, and choose the material, style, and shape of your custom glass perfume bottle. Curvilinear designs, precious materials, and many types of glass can be transformed into unique glass creations by the skilled hands of Vetroelite. Contact us to learn about the sizes, types, and capacity of our custom bottles and to choose the line and shape that best suits the release of your fragrance.

Looking for decorative glass perfume bottles in the UK? Vetroelite provides wholesale perfume bottles in the UK and worldwide, that are crafted to perfection to meet your specific requirements. 

Our range of high quality glass packaging includes many packaging for fragrancescandle jars and glass diffuser bottles.
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