Glass bottles for Oil and Vinegar

Elegance and attention to detail are the values behind our range of bottles for oil and vinegar, the most highly-esteemed condiments in the world, a quality that we are able to further exalt thanks to the longspecific experience we have been able to build up.

Vetroelite offers an extended range of glass bottles for oil and vinegar that knowingly combine design and classic style, tradition and innovation. Our products are quality objects that can be brought directly to the table. These glass bottles are specifically designed to enhance oil and vinegar, products which have always played a leading role in the gastronomy culture of our country. In fact Italy, together with Spain and Greece, is the leading global manufacturer of olive oil. The Italian tradition is also reflected in the production of balsamic vinegar, one of the most history-filled and refined dressings in the world.

Important and elegant bottles, with classic lines or more creative models: choose your favourite glass bottle for oil and vinegar to best preserve and present your product.

Glass bottles for oil and vinegar: shapes and models

The glass bottles for oil and vinegar can be customised on request, reproducing your embossed brand or inserting various decorations chosen by you: add a touch of uniqueness to your products! Our online catalogue presents glass bottles with classic and traditional shapes, but also with more creative and original lines.

Particularly noteworthy is the Italia glass bottle for oil and vinegar, a new model available in 4 sizes: 40ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500 ml. Another beloved model is the Barrique, a bottle with soft shapes available in light and dark glass. Lastly, the Sandra and Virginia models deserve a mention: bottles with a streamlined and elegant shape, also available in white or green glass.

Check our online catalogue to choose your favourite bottle for oil and vinegar and give a unique appeal to your product. Send us your request: our sales staff will contact you with a customised quotation. 

Glass bottles for oil: dark or light glass?

Our glass bottles for oil are available in different sizes and mouth openings, in antique green and white. Bottles in clear or dark glass can preserve substances and nutritional properties, freshness, genuineness and the typical quality of the oil. You can choose the most fascinating bottle, whether clear or green. However, light can damage the oil: it is worth protecting it from the rays of the sun using a bottle that screens it. This is why use of dark bottles is preferred.

Restaurants and businesses tend to store oil in large quantities in dark green bottles in order to preserve the product. However, bottles for domestic use mainly found on the market are clear, because the quantities preserved are limited to 500ml or 750ml.

Glass bottles for oil and vinegar: glass amphorae

Glass bottles for oil, vinegar and more. The Vetroelite online catalogue also offers a selection of amphorae, fabulous objects for the preservation of oil and vinegar that know how to combine tradition and innovation. The side handle, typical of ancient amphorae, recalls the origins of this container; the modern design makes it fascinating and contemporary, thereby rendering the amphora an evergreen object, suitable for any environment and atmosphere. The Montalcino, Monteriggioni and San Gimignano models are amphorae in white glass, available in 250ml.